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Terry McLeod is the Building Coordinator for this phase of our building project. To ask a specific question or to contact him in general, email

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Summer Worship Schedule

Only one weekly Worship Service for the Summer
Breakfast 9:30-11:30 (breakfast hall)
Worship 10:00-11:00 (tent)
Classes 11:10-12:00 (regular classrooms)

August 12 Update

The shoring that was holding up the roof until the beam came is all cleared out, and we can get an idea of the size/space of the new auditorium. The next few weeks will involve the type of work that is much more obvious, and it will start to look more exciting than the last month.

This week the plumbers got the rough in done, which means all the pipes that have to be under the concrete floor. In the next 7-10 days we’ll cut out the uneven floor on the inside and re-pour new concrete. We’ll also pour the slab for the addition, and then start building the block walls outside.

August 4 Update

THE BEAM is in!! They slid the giant piece of steel through the wall and then carefully raised it into place. That’s the big news.

There was also more holes cut in the floor for plumbing, and plans completed for some of the finishing stages of the project. In less favorably news, we pushed the installation of the new seats back to the week of Sept. 18. Obviously that means we won’t be in by Labor Day, but we wanted to be sure to have them scheduled to come in right when we’re ready.

July 28 Update

The foundation blocks have been laid for the addition, and it’s backfilled and waiting for concrete to be poured. A hole is cut in the wall to insert THE BEAM through. This should happen in the next 10 days. The beam made it to Seattle, we just have to get it to Idaho now.

The final stages of demo and prep have happened inside, including a couple large footings to support the beam. Lots of scheduling for different sub trades are in the works, so that we can move forward as quickly as possible on the inside work for the auditorium.

July 7 Update

The two theaters are almost completely gutted out now, the shoring is holding up our roof since the bearing wall has been taken out, and the footings are ready to be poured for the new addition on the north side. The current priority is having everything prepped for when THE BEAM arrives. This giant metal beam is currently on a train and headed our way. The transportation alone is a big project, but once it’s here it has to carefully get inserted into our existing structure and then properly supported. The timing of what needs to be done (or can’t be done) beforehand is tricky to calculate.

Things are happening behind the scenes also. The new chairs have been ordered and the total price is actually a fair bit lower than anticipated. We finalized the contract for all the lights/media, and a recessed, in-floor baptistry has been ordered.

We also cut the first check in payment to the contractor this week. We are in a solid financial position based on our land sale and some major contributors, but please continue to donate to the Building Fund so that we can finish it off without needing to resort to a bank loan.

June 25 Update

We are now officially meeting in the tent for the summer. There was a bit of scrambling involved to get all the required permits in order, due to an unexpected request from the City of Post Falls. Mike Christensen may have done some extra driving and stayed up late to bring it all together.

Caleb had a good crew of volunteers to get the chairs up and ready to go. Noah, Mark, and the PA team had a few surprises to deal with, but came through for us like they always do.

Like all remodel projects, we had a surprise this week as we did more demolition. Turns out the floors of the two adjacent theaters are not the same height/slope. We came up with a plan to demo and re-pour a bit of concrete, and have given updated info to the supplier of our new chairs (which need to have their bases matched to the floor slope).

June 9 Update

More demolition this week as we brought in a man lift to tear out the ceiling and upper walls. You’ll notice the plastic barrier where a wall used to be. That will probably get expanded to some wood partitions to keep us (and curious children) from wandering into the work zone over the weekends.

The offices were cleared out and moved into Caleb’s office, and we did some preparations to get ready for meeting in the tent. This is our last weekend in the worship center, and no services next week, June 17. When we return there will have been significant changes to our building. Keep checking the website for photos.

You will continue to see more “stuff” in our parking lot: signs, dumpsters, trailers, machinery, holes, who knows what. Please give them plenty of space, and if you see children near any of it, please ask them to stay out of “the zone”.


June 2 Update

Williamson Johnson Company is our contractor, and Chad is the onsite Superintendent. This week Chad spent a few hours digging into the wall between auditoriums, arranging for equipment to be brought on site, and began planning the logistics of how to time the various components of the project.

Terry and Super-Volunteer Vikalas disassembled and hauled off the old (moldy & nasty) theater chairs, so the auditorium is cleared out and ready for more serious demolition to start next week.

In the near future you will see more “stuff” in our parking lot: signs, dumpsters, trailers, machinery, holes, who knows what. Please give them plenty of space, and if you see children near any of it, please ask them to stay out of “the zone”.

If anyone would like to take home some theater chairs from the Worship Center (the clean ones),  they are free for the taking, but you have to come get them Sunday or Monday, June 11-12. Contact Terry at for more details.