Adventist Giving

Through the generosity of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, NO credit card fees or electronic transfer fees are charged to the local church. 100% of your donation will go toward the ministry or project that you have indicated.

Why We Give

We are part of a community that believes in the promises of Scripture. Tithing is a biblical principle where we return 10% (or the first-fruits) of our gain (income) to God’s storehouse. We do this as faithful Christians, who believe that God blesses our tithing. This is not a magical equation, but rather a trust in the promises of God found in Scripture. We suggest that you make giving a consistent act in response to what God has done in your life and the life of the church.

We Are Constantly Amazed

We are constantly amazed at the generosity of our donors. You have blessed us and allowed us to bless others as a result of your giving. Please be assured that we value your contributions and respect the sacrifice it takes to turn in tithes and offerings. There are many different charities and organizations clamoring for all of our financial gifts. You could be giving to any of them; we know that. We pledge to use your contribution carefully and with integrity. Thank you for your trust in us.