Youth Ministries is open to everyone in grades 7-12.

This is a broad range, and some events are targeted more to one end of the spectrum or the other. For kids in grades 6 and under, check out our Children’s Ministries page.

Weekly meetings are Saturday morning from 10-11:30. At 10:00 the doors open for 40 minutes of hangout time. On some weeks we have food or special activities. There is always air hockey, darts, and Christian music videos for entertainment.

Our Facebook page is where you can always find info about future and past events, including more photos of course. Click Summit Northwest Ministries Youth and ask to join the open group. For specific questions or info, email us at

From 10:40-11:00 we have “class time” which may include games, videos, and discussion of issues relevant to teens. We tie everything back to what the Bible has to say about the topic, and how it can help us make solid decisions in our lives.

Every 4-6 weeks we do some type of social or community event. They range from Nerf Wars and Laser Tag, to concerts or community service projects. There is an ongoing effort to develop our balloon animal and face painting skills, which we offer for various church and community events.