Why Are We Doing This?

We can we make a difference in the world that we live in. This event will help people locally and across the world to have better lives.

What Will We do for 30 Hours?

The “main event” starts Friday afternoon at 6 p.m. There will be games to simulate what it’s like to live in poverty, worship times to reflect on how God see’s people all over the world, activities to build awareness about people in need, and a service project with the Post Falls Food Bank to benefit people who are struggling in our own community.

We’ll camp out in the church on Friday night, participate in the Saturday morning services, work with the Food Bank in the afternoon, and end it with a meal together and a new appreciation for where we live.
Partial Schedule:
6 pm Check in
6:15   Opening Ceremony followed by games and activities
9 pm Worship with Caleb and Crew
8 am Wake up followed by games and activities
11:45 Worship service
1 pm  Community service for Post Falls food bank
6 pm Break our fast together


“Will I starve? Is this healthy?”

Part of the point is to gain awareness of what it’s like to be hungry, but we aren’t going to create health problems in the process. Everyone will have access to fresh water and low-sugar fruit juice. If you have particular health issues (diabetes, food intolerance’s, etc.) we can accommodate with a modest amount of appropriate snacks. Click here for more info about fasting.

How Will This Help Other People?

Prior to the event everyone will work to raise funds that we’ll send to World Vision. We’re suggesting that each person have a goal of $50, which will feed a child for over a month. Here are a few ways to meet this target:

  • Pick something to go without for a few weeks (coffee, soda pop, a movie, a new ____, etc.), then save that money for the Famine.
  • Make something that you can sell (cookies, friendship bracelets, knit beanie, etc.) and give that money to the Famine.
  • Dig through your closet, storage, or toy collections and sell items that you really don’t need anymore.
  • Ask relatives, teachers, and other adults to sponsor you as you go without food. You can suggest that they donate part of what they spend on coffee, pop, snacks, etc. Any donations are tax deductible and we have receipts that you can give them. Make sure that any checks are made out to “World Vision”.

More information is available  on the Event Page. For answers to specific questions email youth@summitnorthwest.org.

Click Here to join our custom fundraising team.

Download this Parent Consent Form to turn in at or before the event starts. Parent Consent Form 2017

It’s Getting Close, How Do I Sign Up? What Should I Bring?

You don’t have to register ahead of time, but two things could be very helpful. 1- email us at the link above and let us know you’re coming. That will help us plan, and you can also ask any other specific questions. 2- Sign up on our World Vision team buy clicking the link about five lines above this. That makes it easier for people to support you with an online donation, and we’ll see that you’ve registered and are planning to come.

Things to bring include:
A signed Parent Consent form                           Sleeping bag and foam pad
A jacket for outdoor activities                            basic toiletries
An open mind and encouraging attitude